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There is nothing quite like a good old haunted house experience. But lets face it, there are some really high quality hauntings out there and some really cheesy experiences as well. You may not know what you are looking for yourself. There are haunted houses that go for the more startling approach, then there are more psychological thrillers and then there are what we like to dub as the blood and guts approach. Depending on the type of person you are, you will want to seek out the type that will give you the highest intensity and greatest scare for your buck. As we said, different people look for different things. You need to analyze the type of scare you like best whether it be psychological thriller or a lot of blood and guts. And of course it truly can matter whether you are with a huge group of people going through the same experience or whether it is more of a personal journey which can increase the intensity. One thing you need to make sure of is that you are not wasting your money on a meaningless experience where the designers have done little more than just paint a few walls and throw up some lighting and sound effects. If you are truly seeking a great haunted house experience, then make sure it is going to be just that. You want to leave the venue with no voice as well as a scrambled brain. That means you will need to do some research. The really good haunted houses don't just create themselves, there is a lot of hard work and thought behind them. There are some really good ones in the Topeka area, but there are just as many or more of the cheesy ones. Below we have spelled out some things to look for when you start your search for your awesome house of horrors.

Haunted houses have come a long way in the last 50 years. And if you truly are seeking a scare your pants off experience, we have some ideas on things you need to be looking for. Any haunted house that offers you money back if you exit early is one that is definitely worth looking into. Believe, us no venue is going to want to give money back so that is a great indicator that the horrors that await you are so intense that you are going to have a very hard time hanging in there until the very end. We also suggest that you look for a haunting experience that has been setup in what is already considered a spooky building. Maybe its that old church that has been abandoned for many years or a deserted penitentiary. Some visitors prefer that the walk through involve or follow a consistent story line throughout. This means that the experience is not just a hodge podge of room to room random happenings but that everything that is done follows a set storyline. If a storyline is going to be followed, it is best if the initial interaction sets up everything that is about to happen perfectly. This will add to the psychological drama that is about to unfold. If there are to be zombies or costumed actors to interact with, their appearance must be created professionally and not look like something out of Party USA.

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Much of the scaring experience has to do with how a person's perceptions are altered. If someone can fool the eye, then they have made a great start to altering reality and that leads to real fright. Find a place of affects all five senses if possible. There is also something to be said about pace. Those moments of hesitation until the next fright comes is a really big deal in scaring visitors. What kind of effort have they gone to to create realistic looking scenes? Basically we are saying you need to look for something that was done by a professional as opposed to an amateur. You need scenes that are going to make you suspend disbelief.

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Physical experiences can be another very important facet to an amazing haunted house experience. If you have to run away from something horrifying quite a bit, that will certainly get your adrenaline going. Even something like a maze where you get lost and can't find your way out can work really well. Darkness is a key factor too as is the element of surprise. Lets face it, if you have to grope around, you are going to be in a state of anxiety. We promise that will keep your heart percolating. These are all important factors to consider when seeking out an exceptional haunted house experience. We urge you to take your time, ask questions and read reviews on any venues you consider. We wish you well in being scared out of your wits.

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